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For the love of fishing

As a family we have had some great fishing adventures in New Zealand with Bryce. His knowledge of the Taupo fishery is unsurpassed. His meticulous planning, catering, skills as a guide and tutor make every outing a truly unique experience. “A River Some Where?” – Bryce will know!


Sydney, Australia

The next day was a fishing day—YES. We had booked a guide by the name of Bryce Curle. He had been recommended by patients who found him to be knowledgeable, friendly and easy going. All essential traits in a fishing guide. A quick phone call to Bryce to confirm our arrival resulted in a debate as to where to fish. We had stipulated that we wanted to fish the back country rivers not the main rivers like the Tongariro, TT or Hinemaiaia. I discussed the weather forecast and the fishing options with Bryce. Option one was to fish one of the two rivers on farmer Pat’s property where I had fished once before and was very impressed with the quality of the rainbows and the browns.



Although my husband is a very keen fly fisherman, I’ve always gone along & ended up reading a book on the bank. Then we found Bryce. Bryce is a wonderful combination of patience, experience, knowledge & fun. Whilst being able to give my husband the challenging fishing he was looking for, he took me from an unenthusiastic spectator to someone who can cast effectively in most conditions & most importantly catch fish, all this done with a lovely easy going attitude. Bryce remembers that people are there to enjoy themselves regardless what their capability. We’ve had Bryce guide us a number of times & have never been disappointed, Bryce makes it fun as I’m improving, whilst still keeping the challenge level high for my husband. I can’t recommend Bryce highly enough.


Neutral Bay, Australia


Thank you so much for your expert guidance these past few days. As you know I was a complete fly-fishing novice (and in many respects still am). You demonstrated great patience teaching me the basics, fixing many tangles and unhooking my line from countless tress branches, for which I remain grateful. You put considerable effort into helping me establish the core skills needed to bag a few. And boy did we bag a few!

After striking out on day one, I went on to catch twelve over the next one and a half days including a decent four pound jack, when many others were finding the river hard yakka. You worked tirelessly to change flies, direct my efforts and teach me little tips and tricks along the way. You also demonstrated great empathy for the river itself, and taught me a great deal about the importance of maintaining healthy stock for future generations.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and you evidently took great pleasure in your work. The memory of your huge smile as we landed a few on Sunday will last a long time. I will send you some photos from our time together on the river. I will be sure to return one day when my boys grow a little bigger, and stronger, and hope that you will be there to teach them with the same calm authority. There are many lessons to be learned that extend well beyond how to catch a decent trout.

Thanks again,


We book all our fishing trips to New Zealand around Bryce’s availability so we can fish with the best!! He has an excellent knowledge of the land, water and fishing and has taken us all over the island to fish all types of water from small creeks to larger rivers.
We find Bryce to be an easygoing guy with a good sense of humor and he has always been able to get us onto the fish. We also went on a Heli-Fishing trip with Bryce, who was truly amazing – we can’t wait to go again!
Bryce is not only a good guide, but also someone we enjoy spending time with.


Bozeman, Montana

Bryce – I wanted to write a thank you so very much for the many great fishing experiences that you have taken me on. I have had the ultimate fishing trips with you on, at least 8 weeks over the last 10 years. New Zealand is most definitely the top rainbow trout river fishing system in the world. However this is only half of what I have expected in a trip of a lifetime. Having now seen some of the most breathtaking scenery and nature in New Zealand as well as having you as an expert guide, friend and fly-fishing mentor this has been a truly amazing adventure, a 10 out of 10. You have taken me to fish some of the best known pieces of pristine water as well as some of the best kept “secret beats” that anyone could know. I can say, I feel very lucky to indeed to having the best time a mate can have while out wading through some of the purest rivers in the world. I will never be able to thank you enough, except to say, see you soon for another great adventure. Cheers Mate.


Wanted to share the name of a guide on the North Island of New Zealand. His name is Bryce Curle. He is located near Lake Taupo, and is an amazing guide. In just a few short hours my husband caught several trout (mostly brown) all large and the biggest being 10lbs. Lake Taupo area is one of the best-known fly-fishing areas of NZ and Bryce has great knowledge of the streams that flow in to the lake. We would like to recommend his guiding services to anyone fishing that region. I hope you have the opportunity to fly fish in New Zealand soon. It was a great experience in an exceptionally beautiful country


Carmel, Californiam U.S.A

Bryce Thanks for taking me and Fin fishing last week, it was a great day and to hook up 7-8 fish was pretty exceptional. Having gone out onto the Tongariro later in the week, we really appreciated the benefit of the smaller stream you took us on, and being so close to the fish – it certainly beats wading up to your armpits, and avoiding trees etc. on the back cast. We didn’t really find an ideal spot on the Tongariro for us, and with either water too fast, too deep, too close to trees or windy, except at the Bridge, were we hooked up one on Friday. Thanks again for the experience you gave us, and useful tips


Just a note to thank you for a fabulous morning of fishing which Maurice and Daniel absolutely loved! They were full of compliments about you being helpful and patient and a great teacher, especially as it is such a different way of fishing. We were thrilled that Daniel caught and the he now would like to return. Maurice thoroughly enjoyed learning a new technique as found it very different to fishing trout from a dam. I would love for them to return again next year and spend some more time with you – one of our goals for 2015



A belated “Thank you” for making my first fishing trip to New Zealand so enjoyable. I had a great time in the South Island and was lucky to have perfect conditions. I hope you have a very successful season. Once again, thank you for your help and I am already looking forward to next year


Bryce has guided out of Tongariro Lodge for approximately five years (in 2005). In this time we have found Bryce to be very professional with our International guests. Providing a four-wheel drive vehicle and having a current first aid certificate are requirements. Bryce’s guiding knowledge of the area, the various rivers and streams has provided our guests with many memorable guiding dates.


Each visit you provide something different in beautiful water and scenery. I still can’t pick up half the fish you find. We voted this year’s trip the best, not because of the number of big fish more because each year you produce different water in breathtaking surrounds. Bryce thanks for another amazing trip, pristine waters, wonderful scenery, amazing fish and great companionship that was developed into firm friendship over the years


Thank you again for an incredible day of fishing on my recent trip to New Zealand. We caught two of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever caught, and the location was spectacular. It all made for a wonderful stay at Tongariro Lodge. I enjoyed your company and look forward to another day of fishing with you on my next trip


Jim and I really enjoyed fishing with you, and I will never forget that brown coming up to the parachute adams. Hope to fish with you again. If you are in NYE you have a place to stay cheers


Bryce is an exceptional fishing guide! My son and I have used many fishing guides throughout the US, Canada and New Zealand and Bryce is one of the best of the industry. He will put you on BIG FISH and the while giving excellent instruction in the casting and presentation of your fly. Therefore, offering the best chance of success in hooking the “BIG ONE” What sets Bryce apart is his ‘can do’ attitude, patience and flexibility. We would recommend Bryce’s services to any avid fly fisherman


Should you ever be so fortunate as be to be guided, or fish those famous waters around Taupo with Bryce Curle, you are certain to hear him say at some stage, “Find the perfect drift” And this is probably the first thought I have when I think of Bryce. Although now I am much less able to travel to N.Z, I often think of the many times spent in Bryce’s company, not just to fish and search for that perfect drift, but also to walk some wild country; to be enthralled with tales of the bush, and to spend time in the twilight hours together over some beers and an evening meal. Bryce’s ability as an angler and guide is superb – great knowledge of the water and its moods – meticulous in his approach to setup and catch fish – and never any requests that would be too much trouble.


We had great time fishing with you. Enjoyed your knowledge of fishing and your company


Thanks for the “Secret Agent” day it was wonderful. Hope to see you next trip to New Zealand. Thanks for making Kathy’s and my first day in the North Island so memorable


I have a long family history of fly fishermen going back to my grandparents on sides of the family. So when we married 27 years ago, I introduced my new bride to the pleasures and challenges of fishing for trout. Eventually she converted to fly fishing, and some after some years of fishing in the Sierra Nevada range of California we decided in 2002 that we had earned a fly-fishing trip to New Zealand. Since we were novices at fishing in New Zealand we did what any rational persons would do and engaged the services of local guides at the various places we had chosen to travel on our journey. We were certain the guide would have all of the skills one would expect of a professional guide: trying on the correct fly for the situation, spotting the fish, coaching our somewhat dubious casting, and if all of these things worked, netting and releasing the fish. Thus it was that in the North Island of Turangi we found ourselves in the company of Bryce Curle. And we struck gold! We not only found a man with all of the skills expected of him, but we also found a friend, someone who has fun to be whit and a man who was fun to fish with. A person understanding and forgiving of our level of skills, and someone eager to share of his knowledge and to teach us in ways that increased our self confidence. We had some great adventures with him, and we also caught some spectacular Rainbows and Browns. Our expectation with Bryce were so enjoyable that we specifically requested that we have him as our guide of 2 subsequent fishing trips to New Zealand in 2005, and again in 2010, and we will again make the request that we have the privilege to be guided by him again on our next journey whish is in the planning stages for 2012…


Bishop, California, U.S.A

Thank you again for your great guiding service, casting help and friendship. Also sharing several of your secret spots with us. Both Spot X and “The Farm” were great fishing experiences.

Marty and I want to thank you for again providing us with a very memorable adventure during out recent visit to New Zealand. We certainly enjoyed revisiting “The Farm” and taking the risk of the going in to the “Spot X” during the workday, and what a day that was for Marty! We also thoroughly enjoyed the outing on Lake Taupo. I can still vividly see the awesome collection of trout swimming in the current at the Waihaha. If we have the privilege of returning to New Zealand, that place will also be on our list of favorites. But probably the most important part of our visit was to again have you as our guide and be reunited with someone that we both consider our friend. If all goes well we are planning, we will probably return to New Zealand in 2007. If this plan comes to fruition we hope that we might fish with you again. Next time I promise not to loose one of your McFeasts.


Repeat Trip

Thank you again for your great guiding service, casting help and friendship. Also sharing several of your secret spots with us. Both Spot X and “The Farm” were great fishing experiences.


Repeat Trip

My brother and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to spend 3 days with you fly-fishing on the Taupo Rivers. This was one of the most memorable fishing trips!. I would like to thank you for your great assistance in so many ways – taking care of our enjoyment, finding great fishing spots for us to fish and then spotting the fish for us. The trip we took on the 3rd day using the ATB to get back into an isolated stretch of river – was a real adventure and yielded some absolutely great fishing for us – Thanks!


I cant thank you enough for that amazing weekend of fishing and beer drinking. It really was the highlight of my vacation in N.Z Those two spots that we hooked and fished were the most beautiful streams I have ever seen and fished. Certainly a place I will never forget. If you ever have the desire to come to Canada my place is yours my friend!



Bryce Curle guided my stay at the lovely Tongariro Lodge; I was fortunate as I had him for 2 days. I rafted the Tongariro with Bryce and we caught twelve fish, and another raft had come by at the same time and they had only caught 3 fish. We did not fish the same pools but overall had similar opportunities. I attribute the stunning differences in our catch to Bryce choice of flies and excellent instructions. He was a gentleman at all times and an enjoyable companion. He was fastidious about changing flies and tied our fly anytime he felt that our fly was ever slightly damaged. He was also very good (and patient) when managing snarls!. I am very grateful to have had Bryce and congratulate the lodge for employing a guide with his excellence


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